42. Grace

A most interesting commonalty found in all cultures is the belief that some act, or work, will best please God. Thus, every culture has folk lore about rituals and liturgies they believe can influence the mind of the creator. Rites and chants, to control events or move God, are magic. They are only superstitions with no Biblical basis.

Think about this moment. If someone can invent a way to get God to do whatever is desired, who is God? If a person can move God on command by acts, so they directly control God, then God has become man's instrument. Who wants a God that can be directed by someone you don't even know? Scary!

God is even-handed and just. He acts only with fairness. He loves you so much, he will never put anyone's interests ahead of yours. Sometimes it seems as if you are being ignored but you are not. Usually it just takes God a little time to bring your wants into fruition. His grace never leaves you.

Further, what you think you want, by your limited vision and experience, may not be the same as your deepest "heart's desire." You want the fruit of the spirit in your life. You do not want anything that can detract from that ultimate heart's desire. Short-sighted wants may really be a cursing that can only be understood by long sight. God will not give you anything that will damage you. You really want a life blessed with the fruit of the Spirit and the presence of God. Worldly pleasures can be hindrances to your receiving those blessings. Instant pleasures can become curses later.

So we ask for God's grace and blessings on our life. We know he knows what we need and want before we even ask. With his love and wisdom, he plans better for us than we can plan for ourselves. We have no need to manipulate him by works. We now know his love and grace is free. Simple asking is the only Biblical formula for obtaining grace. God's office is always open, so we can call on him anytime. His ears are strong and his memory never fails. "Ask and ye will receive."

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