49. Teachers

We humans have inquiring minds that enjoy exploring life's events. We have automatic computers in our heads that make us search every incident to find a better way to do whatever we just did. Our self-preservation instinct drives us to find ways to make life happier, simpler, better, and stress-less. We hate problems, love ease, and revere anyone who offers to teach us an easier, better way to live.

Our search for better ways requires us to seek sage teachers and listen to their wisdom. All convincing teachers gather followers. The more attractive the teacher, the larger is their following. Charismatic personalities can capture the minds of whole nations. This phenomenon requires attention.

The information we automatically seek must come from a teacher. We trust our teachers to deliver truths. Usually we receive our teacher's offerings without any critique. In school, our scores depended on that. We accepted what the teacher transmitted, because we had no way to measure the accuracy of new and unfamiliar subject matter. We were defenseless against false teaching. What protection can we have that will automatically filter out wrong information?

There is a defense. Learn the difference between fact and opinion. Responsibly separate the two. Always remember, most everything you hear is simply opinion. Your discretion is absolutely vital on spiritual matters. The only spiritual fact is actual Scripture as it was originally written in the languages of Hebrew and Greek. Commentaries are not fact and Bible translations are only opinions about original meanings.

Anything taught about Bible texts beyond exact original language readings, is commentary and only opinion. It is unfortunate that most spiritual teachers present their opinions as fact, failing to distinguish between the two. Many do not separate the two covenants. Mixing scriptures from both New and Old Covenants confuses even more. Test everything carefully. Prove all things for yourself. Never accept, teach, or imply opinion and hearsay as final truth.

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